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The package arrived today. Everything looks great and fits beautifully. Zeen.me is a brilliant idea, and has worked perfectly. Thanks a lot for providing such a professional and friendly service. I’ll definitely be ordering from you again in the future.

- Andrew Key (Shrewsbury, U.K.)

Coats came in today and look great. Thanks a milli.

- Victor Solomon

Thanks for all the info and the speedy reply. I went ahead and purchased the bag last night after I realized  it was meant to be. I’ll keep an eye on your site…your taste is exceptional.

- Matthew Brown

They [the pants] landed! What can I say, pure class. Thank you.

- Nick

Thanks for the speedy delivery. I got all the items and they look and fit great. Your online shop is my favorite.

- Kevin O’Leary

Again, I am floored by your generosity. The shirt you included is beautiful and stupendously soft. It goes perfectly with the suit, as well you know, and quite a few things more besides. I imagine it becoming a staple. A special mention must be made, also, of the tie you selected. The big, white polka dots are just right for this very silly summer we are having.

You are a very kind man and I am very glad to do business with you.

- Reggie Chamberlain-King

If this is not an ad for your pants I don’t know what is.
The shot towards the very end….OMG


Thanks for making my boyfriend look SEXY

- Alissa A.

I got the shoes Yesterday and they are Amazing. They fit perfectly and look better then I thought they would, thank you for all your help.

- Sage Johnson

I received the order yesterday and everything is, well, amazing. I’ll gladly send some pictures as they come in, and in the meantime I’ll be keeping a close eye on the webstore for new goods.

- August O’Mahoney

[...]  first and foremost let me tell you the pants are perfect (of course) so thank you once again!
- Shane Meistrich

I thoroughly enjoy all of the clothes you have on sale on your website. If only I had the money to purchase your entire collection.

- Dylan Mangum

Hi James,
I received the package, tried on the jacket and read the notice. The blazer is wonderful, you don’t have chance to have it back in spite of the tears! :) I have a good tailor, used to shorten and tighten my pants, I think it would not be a problem to sew the two tears. However you have been very friendly and honest giving the pocket square (nice!) and the discount, I’m sure I will order again your stylish clothing because you have a really good taste.
Thank you for all!

- Marco Montagner (Italy)

thanks man you guys have some killer stuff keep up the good work, and when will your accessories page be up?

[...] oh and the sunglasses came today and they are just about the coolest pair i have ever owned.

- Alek Cvetkov

You guys are the bomb diggity!

I got the 50’s western shirt from you guys and its the best. I think I have worn it every day since I got it.

Thanks guys :D I will definitely buy from you again!

-Cody Schmidt

Hey James,

I got my #15spectacles in the old snail mail yesterday, and I am very much pleased. I feel like Sally Jesse Raphael just as I had anticipated!  Thanks for your more than helpful emails and outstanding customer services.  I have never had such an outstanding internets wide world webz purchasing transaction…except for that one time…anyway, it is no wonder we have become best friends forever.   Till my next purchase! Carry On!

As you were,
Love and Hugs,

- Erinn Capozzi

Hi James,

I’m writing this time. I guess it’s because it’s my behind that your trousers are covering and not Margherita’s.

They’re great. I couldn’t have asked for better! I’ll definitely be making more orders soon…well soon enough…we just spent our holidays in the States and let’s say finances suck at the moment.  [...]

Thank you really, ever so much.

- Colum Sutherland (Italy by way of U.K.)

James hello,

The eyeglasses are amazing and lovely and they make me happy! No worry about the scratched lens I have re-filled with my own prescription of course. And thank you very much for the discount sent.

I wish you good luck and thanks again,
- Anna Gracheva

Hey James!

Got the hat earlier today in the mail. I’m really excited about it. Looks and fits really well.

Thanks a bunch,
- Kevin


From your detailed email it is clear to me that you not only posess an in depth knowledge about apparel but an intense resourcefulness when it comes to snaring the right piece or pieces for an individual. Your email is a digital reflection of your professionalism. I do thank you for your time and attention in a most thoughtful reply.

With gratitude,

- Asad Dean

I need me some pants, and you’re the best thing goin, as far as i can tell.

- Noah Georgeson

Dude, I debuted the pants at a party on Saturday night.  They were a hit!  I’ve never gotten so many complements about pants before.  Jeans, yes.  Pants, well that’s new!  [...]  yeah, one of my lady friends said to me “Okay chaat you gotta wear those pants whenever we hang out.”

- Chaatie B.

Hi James

Just a quick note to let you know the Aquascutum suit I ordered from you has arrived in good order.

Really happy with it too so thanks again for the great service.

- Lee Speed

I have receved the trousers. Favolous!!! So i think I’ll order more in the future!
Thank you for all.

- Emiliano Corazza (Belluno, Italy)

Todd and James

I got the pants today….THEY ARE FANTASTIC!!!!!!! I love them and they fit perfectly.

Thank you sooooo much!

- Ken Freeman


Received the trousers today - they look and fit great. Just wanted to say thanks and tell you that you guys do nice work. I’ll be ordering my next pair soon.

Thanks again.

- Aaron Melheim


Saw your ad on facebook (!) and am an instant fan – plan on buying multiple trousers as I’ve been lookin for what you’ve got since forever.


Thanks for everything.  Can’t wait to order.  Keep up the awesome work.

Jared Geller (NYC)

Got the pants. They are fucking great. I have never had anything like them. I think i need good shoes…what do you advise?
- Tarik Thami (Tokyo)


Thanks for the response. I have e-mailed you before, and your responses are never short on information–and I very much appreciate this–so thanks again for your help.

- Bryan Cash