A FINE TOOTH is a menswear salon specializing in vintage luxury.

Reprinted from APR 07 issue of RACKET MAGAZINE
‘LABEL WHORE’ by Jennifer Henry

A closet stuffed with vintage suits does not a dandy make. Nor is every rocker endowed with an ear for harmonies and an eye for flattering fits. Style, like every artful endeavor, does not come solely from the elements that comprise it, nor the personality of the purveyor, but from their apt application and careful combination. Fashion is simple. Style takes talent.

At Racket, we think hiring a stylist ain’t prissy, it’s pretty frickin’ swank. Our friend James Kessler and his better vintage salon—A FINE TOOTH—have created styles to suit the likes of OK Go, Vincent Gallo and Sean Lennon. He’s traveled across the globe to Tokyo’s Summer Sonic Festival, palled around with our favorite indie rockers, of Montreal and combed through Vegas thrift stores to offer only the best in throwback tailoring.

With a jet-set schedule, including New Year’s Eve 2006 in Times’ Square, an enviable posse of creative contributors, and star-studded hotel parties and private sales, Kessler admits he’s been “forever spoiled for any kind of honest work.” Hell, lugging suitcases through the muck an hour before showtimes, scouting for shipping supplies past midnight to ensure next-day delivery and crafting all of his own media including YouTube commercials sounds like genuine employment to us.

If the styles shown here tickle your fancy, check out A Fine Tooth’s website, www.afinetooth.com, or take the OK Go approach and make MySpace friends at www.myspace.com/afinetooth to arrange for a consultation, browse the online store and soak up some style.