DANDY PANTS: Made-to-Measure and Guaranteed to Fit

MADE-TO-MEASURE TROUSERS Hand-Finished by Our In-House Tailors and Delivered to You in Five Business Days. Want to Know More?


Through our factory method we can build a pair of trousers fit especially to your body, and ship them out to you within five business days. All without ever meeting you.


FIRST, we don’t believe in sizes. We don’t have any.

Instead, we’ve analyzed the world’s largest collection of male anthropometric data, gathered and refined over many years by the US Armed Forces.

From applying statistical equations to this data set we have arrived at nine (9) body shapes, each of which we’ve given a name.


Frankie Dan
Todd Wyat
Victor Brady
Zack Seth

To stress it again, these are not sizes, but shapes, and they cover more than 97% of the male population.

Each shape, in turn, represents a collection of body measurements which applies to 95% of one part of the population.

In other words, from collecting your age, height and weight, we start with a shape which already has a 95% likelihood of fitting your body.

Then, after collecting a few more pieces of information, including your Waist, Inseam and Seat Type, we’re able to refine the fit exactly and only to you. Therefore, each of our customers has their own unique size, not to be duplicated, and never to be satisfied by a single waist measurement, or by S/M/L/XL.

That’s why we say: THE SIZE IS YOU.

How Can We Do This In Five Days?

IN our factory, we partly finish trousers in each of our shapes but do not complete the final sewing until we take your order from you, with your measurements.

This efficiency allows us to finish a pair of pants that fit you nearly as well as tailormade, and ship them out to you within 5 business days. Most orders therefore arrive within 7 days of purchase.

We guarantee that you will not find this kind of fit, without great luck, in a ready-to-wear product–or in a made-to-order garment for this price (or likely for even twice the price).

And if that’s not enough to make you feel comfortable placing an order, each pair is GUARANTEED TO FIT.


OUR trousers are guaranteed to fit.

What Does That Mean?

THAT means that if your pants don’t fit, we’ll exchange them for a pair that does. We can do this because we know that once we get your fit right, you’ll continue to be happy ordering from us in the future.

In a worst-case scenario, if you’re still not satisfied with the fit of your new pants, we’ll provide you with an exchange certificate, redeemable for full value toward any future purchase.

They’re going fast. GET YOURS HERE.