Lord Whimsy - Author, Speaker, Raconteur


Thanks to Allen Crawford (aka. Lord Whimsy) for this photo. As you may know, Whimsy’s book, The Affected Provincial’s Companion, has been optioned for a film by Johnny Depp called Mortdecai.

The well-altered vintage tweed suit being his own, the scots plaid tie is all I can claim here. In fact, with pocket squares of his own design and Lord Willy’s suits bearing his label, I’m frankly pleased to have placed an accessory on the man at all.

Lord Whimsy's The Affected Provincial's Companion, Volume OneAuthor of The Affected Provincial’s Companion, Volume One which has been optioned by Johnny Depp for a possible film, and esteemed speaker at numerous engagements—such as the latest meeting of the Corduroy Appreciation Society (”All Wales Welcome!”)—in which he holds forth on matters ranging from the sartorial arts to the animal kingdom (most prodigiously, moths), Lord Whimsy is a man of rare breed. An iconoclast in sheepish clothing.

In my dealings with the man, few but memorable, I have surmised that he stands not only for looking good, but also for doing good—and being well. While one does not find much in the pages of, say, Gentleman’s Quarterly that could be termed philosophy—words and advice that soothe rather than fuel that grinding in the guts of men, cultivated as it were into a race of the fittest in the pursuit of wealth and in the context of an eternally-fickle, female gaze—one may indeed find what serves amid the pages of The Affected Provincial’s Companion, and in the man’s daily recounting in his online journal, Lord Whimsy: Mammal Of Paradise.

For what is the point of a four-point fold (re: pocket squares) or one’s choice of a dozen or more adventurous, yet still socially-acceptable male coiffures, if they cannot be shared as such—choices—within the purview of free-thinking men, and with the acknowledgment and appreciation of the finer sex—which Whimsy has in spades and which can be proven by a visit to his Journal.

Bravo, Whimsy. Bravo.