Keith Musil - Writer, Director, Bat-man


I knew Keith was damaged goods when he told me my first commercial for A FINE TOOTH should be about a group of scientists chasing a bat that flies through solid objects.

When I read the script, I realized his condition was permanent and irreparable.

Having weird ideas is one thing—probably genetic. Believing in them is another—more likely the result of faulty rearing.

But committing them to reality is a perversion and a misuse of one’s god-given power to create.

Keith embodies this kind of abomination.

Honestly, I worry about him. I think he probably needs lots of love, fluids, bed rest.

So if you’re in the LA area and you’d like to give keith a call his number is (323) 527-3377.

Send pics of bats and such to

Keith shot and edited this video with Devendra Banhart for us, and this video with OK Go and will be doing more for us this fall.

More videos by Keith at

Photos of Keith by Ryan Schude.

More photos of Keith.