The Corlene Machines with The Killers & Louis XIV

It has been my pleasure to dress The Corlene Machines this week.

THE CORLENE MACHINES are a little superband of four extremely talented local musicians: Corlene M, Jackson Wilcox, Mike Weller and Max Supera.

They’ve been practicing for about two months, played their first show at the Beauty Bar a week ago and now this Friday, Jun 1, will be opening for The Killers and Louis XIV @ Theatre Under The Stars–The Hard Rock Casino’s outdoor summer music venue. It will be the last show of the Killer’s world tour for Sam’s Town.

Corlene recorded ‘Everything Will Be Alright’ for The Killers, which ended up on their first release, Hot Fuss.

I’ll be dressing these guys for the show, and for their press photos, which will be shot by Kelly Amundsen.