Tarik Thami - Tokyo Yogi

Pictured here in an early-80s Corneliani suit made for I. Magnin—and Viranchyasana A—Tarik Thami is one of only two people in the country of Japan certified by guru Pattabi Jois to teach the ancient form of yoga known as Ashtanga Yoga.

TARIK THAMI at A FINE TOOTHMysore Tokyo is the studio where Tarik daily practices and shares his art with students as dedicated and serious as you will find in any ashram anywhere. If you’re a traveling yogini on your way to Tokyo, don’t fail to schedule your morning classes at Mysore Tokyo (English Version), a stone’s throw from Shibuya Station.

More photos of Tarik here (they show the suit a little better, as well as the vintage 80s Gucci tie pictured here—not recommended for the deeper poses).