Hollywood Premier - Fast & Furious 3, Tokyo Drift

You may remember JUSTIN LIN (director) and actors SUNG KANG and JASON TOBIN from BETTER LUCK TOMORROW, an MTV Film. Here they are at the premier of FAST AND FURIOUS 3: TOKYO DRIFT on Sunday June 4, wearing threads by A FINE TOOTH. Rumor has it the trio’s next project is a seventies period piece based on the life of Bruce Lee. (You didn’t hear it from me!)

Special thanks to Justin, Sung, Jason, Jamie Bucherer and Angie Suh:

Sung Kang

Sung Kang with Nathalie Kelley

Sung Kang with Brian Tyler, Kathy Nelson, and Slash

More images of Sung

Jason Tobin

Jason Tobin with Nikki Griffin
More images of Jason

Justin Lin

Justin Lin with Kathy Nelson

Justin Lin with Bow Wow